Impromptu meeting of the NY/Berlin Hitchens Fan Club (or Hitchens AND Bust)


Had an impromptu meeting of the Hitchens Fan Club with a fan from Berlin at Cafe Minerva in New York City. Yes, that is a bust of Hitchens along with “Arguably”.  I insisted that each person with comments address the bust directly (OK, kidding, but it’s a fun thought).

From left to right are art dealer Sten Nordenhake from Berlin, Professor Sheldon Krimsky (who is a colleague of Hitchens friend Dan Dennett at Tufts) and Tom Casesa (your blog author).


Professor Krimsky, author of The GMO Deception, with Tom.


Playwright Carolyn Borris-Krimsky with Professor Krimsky, Sten with the Bust!  and filmmaker Hector Carosso. Carosso’s recent film, Kayan Beauties, sheds light on the problem of human trafficking in Burma – well worth checking out.


Moon over Greenwich Avenue

These Guys

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.04.31 PM


In case you don’t recognize these distinguished men (and woman) of non-faith:

Penn Gillette, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Maher, Lawrence Krauss, HITCH, Sam Harris, Dan Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Ricky Gervais, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Great graphic, don’t have source