It’s been 6 years since Hitch left us – here are some favorite photos

While Hitch has been gone for 6 years, his ideas are more important than ever. With a dictatorial dunce in the Whitehouse who is divisive, has little regard for the truth and who uses the time tested tactic of repressive societies of bashing the media and appealing to people’s worst sides, Hitchens voice is sorely missed. Here are some great photos of the man.

jm08 0923 hitchens 06.jpg16hitchens-image2-popup54286d8e06f2391147582f51_imageWriter Christopher HitchensChristopher_Hitchens_2008-04-24_001Christopher_Hitchens_crop_2christopher-hitchens-longreads_pclqvcWe profile Writer and journalist Christopher Hitchens for a Manuel Roig-Franzia profile  pegged to the release of his memoir.christopher-hitchens1dam-culture-2011-12-christopher-hitchens-timeline-christopher-hitchens-life-in-pictures-ss11EUK475YJ35CJBJZHVJPEOWPEMIHITCHENS-obit-popupHITCHENS+2Christopher Hitchens, journalist and author of his new memoir "Hitch 22," poses for a portrait outside his hotel in New York