This blog is about Christopher Hitchens and his ideas. It is partly biographical, but more importantly, it is about ideas that were important to Hitchens, and it will use current events to highlight these ideas, and sometimes, controversies.

If you aren’t familiar with who he was, see the Christopher Hitchens page.

I’ve spent my initial time writing this blog on a personal journey to learn more about Christopher, whom I never met. I’ve been meeting people in his circle, who have helped me better understand him and I will be posting about my experiences (I welcome any ‘leads’ or introductions to people who can help with this).

Regarding the possible Hitch Fest, a Christopher Hitchens festival in New York City, I am still trying to make that happen. I have been in ongoing discussions Hitch’s editor, when he was at Vanity Fair, and we are still hoping we can do something thought with the current (May 2020) Covid-19 crisis, things are uncertain. Stand by for more.

I hope this blog inspires interest in, and discussion of Christopher and his work. If anyone would like to write a posting on a relevant topic (or post a video, etc), please propose it to me. The range of topics is wide, and I welcome the participation of readers.

Thanks for your interest.

Tom Casesa is a New York based investor, artist and entreprenuer. He has worked for Lehman Brothers and with smaller boutiques and sell-side investment firms. He has a BA in marketing from New York University, and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He is interested in the causes of secularism, climate change and the preservation of wildlife. He’s a decent wildlife photographer, a good jazz pianist, and of course, a Hitchens fan.

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  1. Hi Tom! I’ve also become a fan of the Hitch in the past few times. Just finished “Letters…” and watching his debates nonstop. What I admire most about him, apart from his high intellect and wit, is the clarity and delivery of his arguments, they flow like very fancy math equations. The HitchFest idea is fantastic, maybe you could start a Hitch school of thought/ art of debate.. you know, like in Ancient Greece. Good luck with this project! Enjoying your blog immensely.

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  2. Hey Larponia! I’m sorry for the delayed reply. So nice to hear from you. I appreciate your nice comments, and am glad you are enjoying the blog. I loved “Letters”. I think I’ve read 90% of what he’s written… I have saved some, because I know it’s finite. What about you? In addition to “Hitch 22” and “Arguably”, I’ve really enjoyed Letters, and his bios on Jefferson and on Thomas Paine. I hope to chat with you again. Where are you by the way?



    1. Hi. Very sorry for the late reply. I hope you are well wherever you are. I have tried to revive the idea and have been talking to Graydon Carter, who was his editor when he was at Vanity Fair. He has the resources to bring together a great festival. For now we’d like to see how things play out with the virus and gatherings. Online is of course an option. I like your idea of a society.


      1. Thanks, Tom. No worries, I know how things go. Please do keep me posted on the Hitch Fest. Let me know if I can help. I have done a fair bit of conference organizing, etc. I am glad you like the idea of a Hitchens Society. Perhaps you could share the idea with Graydon and see what he thinks. We could model it on the David Hume Society. Thanks for hosting this site.


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