Sam Harris: Hitchens wouldn’t vote for Trump



Sam Harris makes a good argument – that Hitch may have been willing to overlook Hilary’s shortcomings as a Presidential candidate, providing she planned to take action on the issue that was most important to him at the time: stopping Al Queda and its surrogates (which would have included Isis). This was back in 2007. I think if Hitch were here today, he would also be very concerned about Trump’s attacks on the free press. Let’s remember that Hitch was a First Amendment absolutist. He would not like Trump’s stated goal of making it easier to sue the press.

Hitchens may have agreed with Sanders on this one

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In Thursday night’s Democratic Presidential Debate,  Hilary boasted that she had the respect of Henry Kissinger. Bernie Sanders replied “I’m proud to say Henry Kissinger is not my friend”.

In The Trial of Henry Kissinger Hitchens accused Kissinger of war crimes and related atrocities. Here he is in 2001 making his case.