Ironic Republicans

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The Republicans have hit a new low with their hypocrisy and misunsderstanding of the Constitution. Regarding Syrian refugees, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is suggesting we accept only Christians, not Muslims (he didn’t mention Jews or any other religions). Senator Ted Cruz agrees saying Christians don’t terrorize (note to Mr. Cruz: try being gay or believing in evolution and living in Texas). Former Governor John Kasich wants us to export Christian Judeo propaganda to show the world our values.  This stands strongly in opposition to the values on which our country was founded. The Pilgrims came here  fleeing religious persecution, and the Founders wrote into the Constitution freedom of religion, and separation of church and state.

This seems to be lost on the Republican candidates. Perhaps an even greater offense is that they  completely miss the irony of the situation  when they fight to “protect” bakers from making cakes for gay weddings, in the name of the misapplied term, religious freedom, but advocate denying refugees entry to the U.S. based on religion. The list of things that offend Republicans is long, but absent from it is hypocrisy, which, by their actions, they support loudly and clearly.