Hitchens on a tree stump. A miracle?

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This is so spot on.  Thanks Bill.

On Friday’s episode of Real Time, Maher discusses the tendency for opponents of atheism to label any belief system (or lack of a belief system) as a religion, clearly trying to create some equivalency between what they believe and what atheists don’t.  To be clear, belief in climate change, for instance, is NOT a religion.  Likewise, atheism is NOT a religion – but watch the clip because Maher explains it better than I can.  By the way, the piece is worth it just for the graphic of Hitchens’ face on a tree stump.  If I didn’t see it, I never wood have believed it (ok, admittedly a bad pun).

Regressive Leftists

In this clip from Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill and Richard Dawkins discuss the disconcerting trend on the left toward what Sam Harris calls “regressive leftism”.  It describes people, usually left leaning, that are afraid to defend ideas they usually support (like free speech) because they think they might be labeled as Islamophobes.