This is Disturbing: New law in Saudi Arabia equates atheism with terrorism

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See the details at the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

While on the IHEU’s site, you may want to have a look at its Freedom of Thought Report, an annual survey on discrimination and persecution against non-religious people in countries around the world.

2 thoughts on “This is Disturbing: New law in Saudi Arabia equates atheism with terrorism

  1. I’m not surprised, given Saudi Arabia’s repression of any religious or political expression which challenges its state-sponsored brand of fundamentalist Wahhabism. What’s disturbing is that Saudi Arabia sits on the UN Human Rights Council, and was reportedly bidding to become the head of the council in 2016.

    A few months ago, the country sentenced secular blogger Raif Badawi to ten years in prison and 1000 lashes for “insulting Islam.” The only country which seems to have taken a strong public stand against this outrage is Sweden. Saudi Arabia’s status as an perceived “ally” against terrorism and a major source of oil seems to make them immune to any serious criticism from Western governments, the Obama administration included. It’s a disgrace.


    1. I was very saddened about the secular blogger getting lashes. He is not the only one either. I think there is a broader point and a question here. Some who oppose the Iran nuclear deal point out that the Saudis are not happy about it. Other than Iran getting a bomb, which the Saudis think will be more probable with the deal, they are unhappy with the possibility that the US and Iran become closer if a deal is signed. My question: is this so bad for the US? You point out with your use of quotes that categorizing the Saudi Ariabia an ally is suspect. Maybe better relations with a still likely hostile Iran, gives us some leverage in affecting SA’s behavior.


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